Tuesday, August 11 - Tutorials

Welcome and Logistics
Giani, Annarita Session 1: Introduction to secure and resilient control systems
Oman, Paul and Watts, Kristopher Session 2a: Stack-based Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities in Embedded Systems
McBride, Sean and McQueen, Miles Session 2b: 0 Day and Undiscovered Vulnerabilities
McBride, Sean Session 2c: Known ICS Vulnerabilities
McQueen, Miles Session 3: Human Vulnerabilities
Gertman, David Session 4a: Human Factors and Resilience
Farris, Ron and Richards, Bob Session 4b: Human Performance and Organizational Resilience
Rieger, Craig Resilience, where do we go from here?

Wednesday, August 12 – Keynote Speakers and Paper Tracks

Woods, David Fundamentals to Engineer Resilient Systems: How Adaptive Systems Fail and the Quest for Polycentric Control Architectures Presentation
Anderson, Ross Security Economics and Critical National Infrastructure Presentation
Ou, Xinming (Simon) A Host-Based Security Assessment Architecture for Industrial Control Systems
Kottenstette, Nicholas A Passivity-Based Framework for Resilient Cyber Physical Systems
Boring, Ron and Oxstrand, Johanna Human Reliability Analysis for Upgrades
Hiser, Jason A Lightweight Software Control System for Cyber Awareness and Security
Manic, Milos and Vollmer, Todd Computationally Efficient Neural Network Intrusion Security Awareness
Venkatasubramanian, Venkat Bayesian Inference for Fault-Tolerant Control

Thursday, August 13 – Keynote Speakers

Doyle, John The Architecture of Robust, Evolvable Networks Presentation
Assante, Michael North American Bulk Power System: Need for Resilient and Secure Design Presentation

ISRCS Panel Discussion Notes