Session S/I-01: Smart Grid  (Included under the Complex Networked Control Systems Track)

Session S/I-02: Multi-Sensor Fusion and Cooperative Robot Control  (Included under the Data Fusion Track)

Session S/I-03: Quantitative Methods for Resilient Control Systems

Session S/I-04: Resilient Control of Shipboard Systems

Session S/I-05: Game Theoretic Approach to Network Security and Reliability

Session S/I-07: Collaborative Approaches to Systems Resilience  (Included under the Cyber Awareness Track)

Session S/I-08: Resilient Control of Robots in Complex Networks  (Included under the Robotics Track)

Session S/I-09: Tutorial on Integrating Human Performance Concerns in RCS Systems Engineering Analysis

Session S/I-10: Building Resilience through the Art of Maneuver: Architectures for Polycentric Governance