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Tuesday, August 14

Tamer Başar Game-Theoretic Framework for Network Resilience, Reliability, and Security (NR2S)
Robert Osborn Protecting the Future of our Enterprise
SS03: Tutorial on Static and Dynamic Game Theory for Resilient Control Systems
Quanyan Zhu A Modern Introduction to Static and Dynamic Non-cooperative Game Theory
ESP Workshop
Angelos Keromytis Evaluating a ROP Defense Mechanism
Mihai Christodorescu The Importance of Realistic Quantitative Studies of Malware Detection
Jeffrey Bradshaw Coactive Emergence as a Sensemaking Strategy for Cyber Defense
Neil Rowe Experimenting with Live Cyberattackers for Testing Deceptions
Mathias Ekstedt Empirical analysis of system-level vulnerability metrics through actual attacks
Alex Kilpatrick Lessons Learned Biometric Security in a Warzone
Pratyusa Manadhata Big Data for Security: Challenges, Opportunities, and Experiments
David Nicol Testing the Edge: Cyber Security Testing in the Smart Grid
Saurabh Amin Trustworthy Transportation Networked Control Systems

Wednesday, August 15

Yacov Haimes Modeling the Resilience of and Risk to the Power-Grid Infrastructure and the Supportive Human and Organizations as Systems of Systems
Mark Maybury Air Force Cyber Vision 2025
Jeannette Wing Cyber-Physical Meets Cybertrust
Complex Network Control Systems
Humberto Garcia A Resilient Condition Assessment Monitoring (ReCAM) System
Qing Dong Resiliency of Linear System Consensus in the Presence of Channel Noise
Chang-Hee Won Adaptive Neural Replication and Resilient Control Despite Malicious Attacks
Emeka Eyisi Passivity-Based Trajectory Tracking Control with Adaptive Sampling Over a wireless Network
Kris Villez Resilient Control System Execution Agent (ReCoSEA)
Cyber Awareness
Milos Manic Improving Cyber-Security of Smart Grid Systems via Anomaly Detection and Linguistic Domain Knowledge
Jonathan Butts Towards Characterization of Cyber Attacks on Industrial Control Systems: Emulating Field Devices Using Gumstix Technology
Quanyan Zhu Agent-based Cyber Control Strategy Design for Resilient Control Systems: Concepts, Architecture and Methodologies
Mark Yampolskiy Systematic Analysis of Cyber-Attacks on CPS - Evaluating Applicability of DFD-based Approach
Data Fusion
Dumidu Wijayasekara Computational Intelligence based Anomaly Detection for Building Energy Management Systems
Charles R. Tolle Musings on Persistent Excitation Prompts New Weighted Least Squares SysID Method for Nonlinear Differential Equation Based Systems
Curtis Smith Augmenting Probabilistic Risk Assessment with Malevolent Initiators
Manish Kumar Collective Perception in Large-Scale Dynamic Systems
Human Systems
Jim Blythe A Dual-Process Cognitive Model for Testing Resilient Control Systems
Barrett S. Caldwell Simulation and Human Factors in Modeling of Spaceflight Mission Control Teams
Joel Hewlett WESBES: A Wireless Embedded Sensor for Improving Human Comfort Metrics using Temporospatially Correlated Data
Ron Boring Resilience in Control Room Modernization: Ten Resilient Control Room Principles
SS02: Smart Grid Security, Resiliency and Privacy
Manimaran Govindarasu Cyber-Physical Systems Security of Smart Grid
Apurva Mohan Towards Addressing Common Security Issues in Smart Grid Specifications
Jonathan M. Chu A Case for Validating Remote Applications for Data Processing Systems
SS04: Co-Robotics and Tele-Presence
Sean Kerman Modeling and Control of Bio-Inspired Swarms
Calvin Coopmans A Payload Verification and Management Framework for Small UAV-based Personal Remote Sensing Systems
Anthony L. Crawford Force Control and Nonlinear Master-Slave Force Profile to Manage an Admittance-Type Multi-Fingered Haptic User Interface
Keith Daum How to Keep Smart Agents Smart in Off-Normal Situations
SS01: Science of Test
COL Reed F. Young Science of Test at Yuma Proving Ground
Tracy Sheppard Autonomous Systems Test and Evaluation Requirements Study: A Roadmap to Robust Testing of Autonomous Systems
Michael J. Cushing ATEC Reliability Growth Case Studies and Lessons Learned
Noé Duarte Characterization of Complex Geographic Terrain to Support Testing of Autonomous Systems

Thursday, August 16

Vojislav Kecman From Identification to Data Mining / Machine Learning