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Special Events

The Money Museum at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City - Denver Branch

Tour Date: Friday, August 22
Tour Start Time: 9:30 am
Limit: 30 individuals

All guests who are 18 years of age or older are required to present a valid photo ID. For United States citizens, the photo ID must be issued by the United States federal or state government (for example, a passport or driver's license). For our international guests, a valid international government issued passport must be presented.

Guests will undergo security screening upon arrival. Please arrive approximately 10-15 minutes before your tour start time to allow for the screening process. Any group that is 30 minutes late or more will forgo their guided tour and be asked to take a self guided tour. Firearms, explosives, hazardous materials, lethal weapons, illegal drugs, and any other dangerous items, including pocket knives, are prohibited on Bank premises. Metal detectors and x-ray equipment are used to enforce this policy. Any person entering and any purse, briefcase, or other items brought on the premises are subject to being scanned and/or physically inspected. For security reasons, guests are prohibited from taking photographs of security equipment, personnel or Cash operations.

Historical Tour of the Colorado State Capitol

Tour Date: Friday, August 22
Tour Start Time: 11:00 am
Limit: 30 individuals

Your group will need to arrive early so that all persons can be screened and checked in and the tour that you will have arranged can begin as close as possible to the scheduled time. Expect the tour to last 45 minutes or so, except for the 30-minute attic tour. Those unable to climb the attic may watch a video tour on the 3rd floor.

The items listed below are also not recommended to bring into the Capitol:
  • Cell phones and other electronic devices must be off
  • Backpacks and large bags
  • Scissors and/or any other sharp objects
The following items are prohibited inside of the State Capitol:
  • Food, drink, water bottles, and chewing gum are not permitted (except for notified medical reasons).
  • Firearms- even for those with concealed- carry privileges
  • Any Dangerous or Illegal weapon (Persons who attempt to enter with a prohibited item may face criminal charges.)