International Symposium on Resilient Cognitive Systems


Symposium Chairs
    Technical Program Chairs
  • Nathan Lau, Viginia Tech  
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  • Phil Bennett, Sandia Natioanal Laboratory  
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Many environments critical to cyber and physical infrastructure exhibit interplays between engineering systems design and human factors engineering. The Cognitive Systems track will explore how people, individually and in teams, engage in cognitive and cooperative problem solving in complex, time-critical, and high-consequence settings. We will emphasize technology designs, operating concepts and procedures, and cognitive science research that improves overall human-system performance and increases the resilience and robustness of complex sociotechnical systems. Joint sessions with the Control Systems and Cyber Systems Symposia will explore the functional relations of systems integrating humans, automation, and system management resources.

Topical Areas

  • Selection, training and performance in complex socio-technical systems
  • Human performance models of event response
  • Cognitive readiness in high-consequence environments
  • Macroergonomics, systems design, and safety
  • Human factors of security, privacy, and trust
  • Situation cognition in cyber, physical, and hybrid environments
  • Procedures, checklists, and skilled performance
  • Human supervisory control and complex systems performance
  • Distributed cognition, expertise coordination, and teamwork
  • Human-machine interaction with automation, computers, and robots
  • Autonomous and semi-autonomous systems/technology
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