International Symposium on Resilient Communication Systems


Symposium Chairs Technical Program Chair


The major purpose of this symposium is to extend and endorse particular concepts that will generate novel research and codify resilience in next generation communication system designs.

Many commercial and government applications require reliable and secure communications for effective operations. These communications are often challenged in contested environments – whether from hostile states in an anti-access area denial scenario, degraded infrastructure following a man-made or natural disaster, or nite spectrum pressure that restrict agility. The symposium will highlight how incorporation of resiliency in communications systems can support a wide range of applications given uncertainty in the communication environment.

Topical Areas

  • Architecture: protocols, standards, point-to-point, distributed, networked, wireless, multi-modal, gateways, sensor networks, strategies
  • Threats and Failures: jamming, interference, frame/bit errors, data loss, cyber-physical security, human error, malicious attacks, disasters, situational awareness, diagnosis
  • Remediation and recovery: intrusion detection systems, intrusion tolerance, resilience metrics, resilience strategies, policy-based management, real-time remediation, machine learning and recovery strategies, future network resilience management architectures and mechanisms
  • Characterization: diversity, security, risk management, reliability, recovery, interoperability, fault tolerance, trust, latency, survivability, quality of service, disruption tolerance, complexity, adaptability
  • Testing: Modeling, simulation, experimentation, instrumentaion, qualification, laboratory, open air
  • Networks and Infrastructure: cellular, VoIP, LTE, MANETS, peer-peer, 911, LMR, optical, SCADA, smart grid, backhaul
  • Military applications: anti-access area denial (AA/AD), joint/coalition operations, national security, data links, SATCOM
  • Civil applications: emergency and incident response, disaster preparedness, public safety. 911, assured communications, industrial internet
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